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World’s Nine Most Interesting Hotel Rooms

Holiday Inn Key Card Hotel Room

As part of its rebranding campaign, Holliday Inn designed a Manhattan hotel room in 2009, entirely out of key cards. In the 400 sq. ft. room, there were used 200,000 Holliday Inn cards to create a reception desk, a bed and even a toilet.

Peter Lundstrom, WDO

Swedish manufacturer Treehotel has designed the Mirrorcube, a weird dwelling installed through a tree trunk, which uses extra support to be suspended in the woods. The cube includes a queen-size bed, lights and a restroom, to a forest of your choosing.


Bryant Park Hotel includes the Godiva Chocolate Suite, which in 2008 and 2009 was part of a Valentine’s Day giveaway by chocolate maker Godiva. This unusual hotel room features chocolate walls, paintings and chandeliers.

The Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn is a location that might be the most varied hotel in the world. It features 110 rooms, each with a different theme, from a Safari Room with leopard print to a Caveman suite with a waterfall in the bathroom. The prices start below $200 per night, so everyone can afford to lounge in a room like the Desert Sands.

Tianzi Hotel: Chinas weirdest hotel

Tianzi Hotel is a 10-story structure located in Hebei province, China and is the owner of a Guiness World Record as the largest “image building in the world”. It describes the Chinese gods Fu, Lu and Shou, bearers of fortune, prosperity and longevity.

03/00/2005. The Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi.

The Icehotel is a unique construction that changes every year, being dubbed the largest hotel made of snow and ice in the world. Artists and designers from all around the world join forces every year in Swedish town Jukkasjarvi to create the hotel and its ice sculptures anew.

World’s Nine Most Interesting Hotel Rooms 7

Dog Bark Park Inn located in Cottonwood, Idaho is the world’s biggest beagle. Couples can stay here in exchange of $96 per night and enjoy a cute experience.

World’s Nine Most Interesting Hotel Rooms 8

Hotel Kakslauttanen is a Finnish hotel that offers log cabins and heated glass igloos, which provide clear views of the Northern Lights. Don’t expect luxury but be prepared for an amazing northern experience.

New Capsule Hotel Opens In Kyoto

Nine Hours Hotel is a capsule hotel in Kyoto, which takes efficiency to a whole new level. Guests are offered seven hours to sleep, one hour to shower and another one to relax. It’s a luxury option in the capsule-hotel market due to the fine lines and complimentary slippers.


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