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World’s Most Expensive Home Office Found a Buyer

The Philip and Carrie Lehman Mansion is considered to be the most expensive office in the world, being priced at $30.000 per square meter. The property was sold recently to an anonymous buyer and nobody knows if it will still work as an office building under the 2005 restorations, or if the owner will choose new uses.

World’s Most Expensive Home Office Found a Buyer 3

The house was built for Philip Lehman, the cofounder and the president of the famous financial institution Lehman Brothers. The building consists in five levels and was built in 1899 from limestone. In 2005 the construction at the 7 West 54th Street in New York, was bought by the fund manager Zimmer Lucas Capital for $13 million. He gave the house a much modern look, and after renovation it became a luxurious office, with a new façade and a glazed penthouse.

The interior of the house was redesigned with the help of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, becoming in this way the headquarters of the company.

In May, last year, the building evaluated at the incredible amount of $65 million, seven months later was being negatively adjusted, until $49.9 million (dropping by 25%) by the specialist Carrie Chiang from Corcoran Group.

World’s Most Expensive Home Office Found a Buyer 2

The Philip and Carrie Lehman Mansion was created after the plans of the designer John Duncan and has a rich artistic history, because the Lehman family owns a private gallery of over 3.000 art objects.

The Victorian style interior design was always characterized by opulence, including also Renaissance influences. The style was preserved after the renovation in 2005, even though the owners at that time chose a more neo-classical look. On the other side, the penthouse was completely changed and now benefits form a modern interior.

Selling the Philip and Carrie Lehman House sets record price for 2013, even if the 432 Park and One 57 properties were purchased for more than $90 million – these not being officially listed or recorded with the Real Estate Board of New York.

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