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World’s Most Expensive Diamond to be Auctioned

The 59.6 carats Pink Star Diamond will be put up for sale at an auction organized by Sotheby’s on November 13, at the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva. According to experts, the final price of the diamond could reach $60 million, which could bring it the title of the most expensive diamond in the world.


According to David Bennett, the chairman of the Swiss subsidiary of Sotheby’s, the pink diamond has a great importance on the luxury market due to its considerable size and also because of its strong color, which sets it apart from the precious stones held in public collections, royal or private.

Pink Star comes from Africa and seems to have awakened the appetite of the billionaires for auctions. A couple of months ago, similar jewelry were sold at considerable prices. Sotheby’s recently sold a 6 carats pink and blue diamond ring for six million dollars during an event in Hong Kong and The Princie Diamond of 34.65 carats was sold by Christie’s for $39.3 million.

Currently, the record for the most expensive diamond in the world belongs to Graff Pink diamond, which has 24.78 carats and was sold for almost $46 million in 2010.

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