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World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit

When traveling, people love to discover new things. But what should we do when we arrive in boring cities when it’s actually nothing to do? Here’s the list with some of the most boring capitals in the world.

Brussels, Belgium

World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit 1

Outside of beer and chocolate, the Belgian capital is extremely boring. The only attractions are the gastronomical ones – over 2,000 restaurants and bars.

Houston, USA

World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit 2

You have to search for a while in order to find something interesting to do in Houston. The warmth, the humidity, the malls and the agglomeration – these are the things offered by the city.

Zurich, Switzerland

World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit 3

A Singapore of Europe, the Swiss metropolis is the European city with one of the best qualities of life, but it’s not a fascinating place for tourists. There aren’t many things to visit here.


World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit 4

In this case, the opinions are divided. Some find it impressive, others say that apart from shopping and food, there’s nothing interesting here. It is inhabited by five million people, of whom 36% are foreigners. Who wants the Asian urban adventure should choose Hong Kong, Shanghai or Bangkok.

Bratislava, Slovakia

World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit 5

The little capital of Slovakia has only 400,000 inhabitants and 40 hotels. Compared to Krakow, Prague and Budapest, it’s a really boring place. You only need half of day to explore the center. The good side is that Vienna is only 60 kilometers away.

Wellington, New Zealand

World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit 6

Wellington offers a green view but it will never surpass Sydney or Melbourne.

Oslo, Norway

World’s Most Boring Cities to Visit 7

If you’re an avid cyclist, climber or museums lover, Oslo will seem boring. Those who are seeking an active lifestyle will be disappointed.

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