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World’s Most Beautiful Waterways

No matter if you are romantic or adventurous, there are some waterways that you’d be excited to explore. In the midst of water you will find an oasis of tranquility and you will also be able to admire the most beautiful attractions of the cities through which they pass.

Bruges, Belgium

World’s Most Beautiful Waterways

Also called the Venice of the North, Bruges impresses by its architecture, the Gothic style buildings being inspirational sources for the paintings belonging to the Flemish artists of the past centuries. Today, the Belgian spiritual heritage is defined by the city infrastructure. Dijver Canal and Reie River offer travelers an unforgettable view and challenge them to discover fragments of history of the area or ecclesiastical establishments.

Bangkok, Thailand

World’s Most Beautiful Waterways 2

If in the past, the channels were intended for commercial purpose and for easing traffic flows, today the gondola rides are a delight for many of us. One of the most cities that offer tourists a trip on the water is Bangkok, the Asian universe of noodle preparations. A major tourist attraction is Khlong Damnoen Saduak, a channel through which you can reach the floating market located in Ratchaburi province.

Tigre, Argentina

World’s Most Beautiful Waterways 3

Located in the province of Buenos Aires, the city of Tigre is represented by the aquatic element or “el agua”, as locals call it. Instead of museums or libraries, tourists discover the canoe clubs where the instructors teach disciples to handle the oars. Located in the Paraná River delta, Tigre is a city of the extremes, home to both luxury properties and shabby homes of local fishermen. Tigre has an impressive network of channels with variable dimensions.

Annecy, France

World’s Most Beautiful Waterways 4

The city located in the Rhône-Alpes region is surnamed the Venice of Mont Blanc because of its navigable channels, extravagant restaurants and shops with fancy architecture. Along with the water paradise, Annecy offers pubs and bars where tourists enjoy stories that come with fish dishes and sweet wine. Palais de l’Isle, the former residence of the Counts of Geneva, which is now a museum, is another place that you should visit.

Giethoorn, Holland

World’s Most Beautiful Waterways 5

Giethoorn needed several centuries to rehabilitate its internal network. The reason why these waterways were built was not an aesthetical one but a practical one: to transport coal from the extracting point to the processing place. Currently, Giethoorn owns an impressive waterway network used both for tourism and trade.

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