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World’s Most Beautiful Clock Towers

1 Apr 2014 by admin

Big Ben, Torre del Reloj and the astronomical clock in Prague are just three of the five buildings that found the internationally acclaimed admiration.

Here’s a list with the most famous clock towers, “jewelry” recognized and appreciated throughout the world.

Torre del Reloj

World’s Most Beautiful Clock Towers 1

Located on the northern coast of Colombia, Cartagena is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to pastel buildings, cafes and cobbled streets. The access in the South American city is made through the Clock Tower Gate. Torre del Reloj, as the locals call it, dates from 1888. Tourists can visit the main square in the center of which is a statue that embodies Pedro de Heredia, the founder of Cartagena.

Prague Astronomical Clock

World’s Most Beautiful Clock Towers

Behind one of the main attractions of Prague is, in fact, a legend. The story is about Hanuš, the watchmaker who built the old tower in town, in 1490, and who was mutilated in order to not build a more beautiful version in another corner of the world. Because he wanted revenge, Hanuš broke the operating mechanism. There have been about 100 years until someone managed to fix it. The clock is known primarily for the spectacle offered by the 12 animated figures of the apostles, which announce, in turn, the exact time.

San Francisco, a wonderful city

World’s Most Beautiful Clock Towers 3

The clock tower in San Francisco has a height of 75 meters and was the main attraction of the American city from 1898 until 1930, when it was replaced by the Golden Gaye. Inside the tower, there is a patio, which facilitated in the past, the access to ferries and boats. Today, within the same space, shops and restaurants have been placed, such as the Blue Bottle coffee shop and the Asian place Slanted Door.

Moorish accents in Malaysia

World’s Most Beautiful Clock Towers 4

The construction of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building was completed in 1897, at the order of the colonizers in the British administration. The Moorish architecture of the tower is due to AC Norman, who had traveled to India and had taken over from there oriental accents.

Big Ben, the colossus in London

World’s Most Beautiful Clock Towers 5

Big Ben is one of the most famous British constructions, being the third tallest clock tower in the world. Big Ben is also the nickname of the great bell in the north tower of the Palace of Westminster in London. Although London’s iconic building was renamed in 2012, Elizabeth Tower, in honor of the British queen, the townsfolk and tourists continue to call it as it was registered in the past. The clock was put into operation on May 21, 1859.