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World’s Most Beautiful Christmas Fairs

12 Dec 2013 by admin

Because the month of the gifts has already begun, maybe you are thinking that it would be nice to know where are organized the most beautiful Christmas fairs worldwide. Extravagant and glamorous, these top five places attract millions of visitors each year.

Valkenburg, Netherlands

World’s Most Beautiful Christmas Fairs 1

This enchanting location lies entirely below ground, inside the Velvet cave. In addition to the stalls, gifts, food and drinks you will find wonderful paintings and sculptures exhibited in the endless galleries here. Also, add a trip to the Valkenburg Castle and you will have the feeling that you’ve traveled back in time several hundred years. Elegant and cool, Valkenburg Christmas Fair offers a truly unique experience.

Chicago, Illinois, USA

World’s Most Beautiful Christmas Fairs 2

U.S.A Christmas fairs are always competing with those in Europe in terms of grandeurs and Chicago rises fully to expectations. Daley Plaza Fair attracts over one million visitors each year. The stands here are arranged around a giant Christmas tree, but the main attraction is represented by the artistic performances, supported by the children choirs, singers and rock bands. The fair is distinguished by the fact that gives the adequate importance to beer, not just the wine. The festive atmosphere is pure and unique in its own way.

Vienna, Austria

World’s Most Beautiful Christmas Fairs 3

Candied fruits, cotton candy, roasted chestnuts…fairs in Vienna will compete in offering you sweets and other culinary delights. Christmas scenes and those detached from stories, adorn the buildings and the markets, representing a true delight for the children and adults alike. There is no fair competition to win detached; on the contrary, they all complement each other in a delightful way. Do not miss the live performances supported by various artists and the artistic street numbers. Christmas fairs in Vienna are famous worldwide for the delight brought to the senses.

Munich, Germany

World’s Most Beautiful Christmas Fairs 4

In the heart of Munich, the Marienplatz, located not far from the famous Oktoberfest, the end of the year brings with it a great change. The stands are competing to prepare the most original Christmas gift. Figurines shaped like boxes, shoes and toys delight your eyes at every turn. Do not miss the gingerbread scene, the famous Lebkuchen! The aroma of roasted nuts and mulled wine will chase you everywhere, while Christmas carols resound. In Neuhauser Strasse, Kripperlmarket you will find the oldest market. If you want to sing and dance, go to Theresienwiese. These are some of the oldest Christmas fairs in the world and you have the chance of enjoying an authentic experience.

Nuremberg, Germany

World’s Most Beautiful Christmas Fairs 5

The most important and famous of all Christmas fairs is known under the name of Christkindl fair. Its authentic medieval charm is hardly surpassed by that of others. The aroma of mulled wine and local delights spreads everywhere. Over 200 stalls are painted in green, the color of the elves and other creatures from stories, attracting about 2 million visitors each year. Absolutely romantic when the dark falls, Nuremberg is an example for Christmas fairs worldwide.