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World’s Largest Pool – San Alfonso del Mar

The idea of a 250 million liters pool built near the Pacific seemed a little unrealistic. The project exists since 2006, and until now no construction succeeded to exceed its title in the Guinness World Records: “the largest pool in the world”.

World’s Largest Pool – San Alfonso del Mar 4

It features an area of 8 acres, one kilometer long and a huge total of 250 million liters of water. Located in Algarrobo, a tourist resort on the central coast of Chile, the artificial lagoon San Alfonso del Mar was projected as an alternative to the cold and agitated water of the Pacific, way too dangerous for the swimmers.

Because a pool of this size would have been too expensive and with a high ecological impact, the constructor Crystal Lagoons opted for the artificial lagoon which is permanently supplied with water from the Pacific Ocean, filtered, partially desalinated and heated. After being used, the same system cleans the water before shedding it back into the ocean.

World’s Largest Pool – San Alfonso del Mar 2

San Alfonso del Mar is so big that allows the tourists to enjoy all the activities they could practice in the open ocean.

The resort offers the tourists exterior spas, an aquarium with exotic species of fish and covered beaches where the temperature can be controlled.

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