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World Record: Most Expensive Fireworks Display

Everybody knows that Abu Dhabi is one of the richest cities in the world and a place where opulence and the ostentatious displays of wealth attract the super-rich Arab Sheiks.

World Record Most Expensive Fireworks Display 2

The United Arab Emirates’ 37th National Day was celebrated on the 2nd December 2009 with great pomp, lighting up the sky, literally. The people, who were lucky enough to assist to this great celebration, were impressed by the grandeur of the event and by the phenomenal fireworks. The city authorities wanted to set a new world record by displaying the most expensive fireworks ever, which lasted for 55 minutes and was speculated to be a whopping $20 million.

17,000 shots illuminated the skies of Abu Dhabi and Madinat Zayed, the show being choreographed by the international event management company “WRG Creative Communications and Groupe F”.

The first ten minutes of the amazing event were covered by a salvo of exotic fireworks, being followed by a synchronized 10 minute show where flames from giant fire crackers extended up to a maximum length of 600 meters.

The record set by Abu Dhabi on the amazing night of December 2009 has not yet been surpassed.

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