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Why Do We Love Sugar So Much?

More and more scientists conclude that sugar is an addictive drug. Although some researchers still hesitate to compare sugar with drugs or alcohol, in recent years have been discovered more and more evidence explaining why some of us find it difficult to reduce sugar consumption.

Why Do We Love Sugar So Much

Nicole Avena, a specialist in neuroscience and psychology at Columbia University, is one of the researchers who have addressed this problem. Avena recently published the book “Why Diets Fail” detailing her research on this topic. Avena is interested especially by the neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain that play a role in food consumption. In the laboratory experiments made on rats, Avena showed that overeating palatable food, like sugar, generates changes in the brain and behavior similar to those produced by addictions.

Avena recently made an interesting video that explains, with the help of illustrations, why sugar is often irresistible.

Too much sugar can excessively stimulate the brain, triggering a series of unfortunate events: loss of control, cravings and increased tolerance to sugar. All these effects can produce negative physical and psychological effects, while leading to weight gain and addiction.

The conclusion is simple: if you have a sensibility to sugar and you are prone to treat yourself with a snack full of sugar do it rarely and with great care. If you will not do that, there are chances for your brain to ask for more sugar, more often and more assertively, thing that will affect your health.

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