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Why Do We Kiss?

Each one of us can give a plausible explanation to the question “Why do we kiss?”. Apparently, it can be a very simple answer, bet let’s find out why do we kiss, from a biological point of view. But, leaving aside the fact that we need affection, why do we do it in the evolutionary sense?

Nobody knows the origin of kissing. Currently, kissing is pretty commercial, being overly used in movies and, thus losing its intimate characteristic.

Why Do We Kiss

We can explain the kiss in two ways: we can define it as an instinctive behavior that is easily spread because it creates a pleasant sensation, as the pleasure hormones are activated.; the second explanation consists in the fact that the kiss was an old eating behavior through which people survived because they ate mouth to mouth – a habit that may seem quite disgusting, but there are different cultures in the Amazon or Papua New Guinea. Moreover, this practice is also found in the animal world. This type of feeding is explained by the fact that in the time when cooking wasn’t discovered yet, people consumed food very hard because these were difficult to chew, so the transmission from mouth to mouth was an effective solution. Later, this thing turned into an emotional act, and today is a direct form of expressing our love and attraction for a person.

On the other hand, there are more conservative companies, which are not open to kissing in public: Japan, areas in India (until 1988 in Bollywood movies kissing in front of the camera was not allowed) and Muslim states (in particular, Iran).

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