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What Happens in Our Brain When We Fall In Love?

Even though in recent years our knowledge about the human brain has evolved, no one knows yet what really happens when we fall in love.


The feeling of pleasure and joy that we have when we love is given by the release of hormones in the brain, which are responsible for this sensation. The best know is dopamine.

Equally important are the oxytocin and a neuropeptide associated to it, the vasopressin, according to the psychologist Abigail Marsh from Georgetown University. These hormones give us that great feeling that we feel when we are with our partner.

Researchers have observed that at monogamous animal species that have only a lifetime partner, in the breeding moment, it is released oxytocin and dopamine in the brain. Moreover, the mere presence of the partner causes a feeling of joy and pleasure, because in this case, the brain releases dopamine as well. Scientists are convinced that human have the same reactions.

There is still one mystery that scientists can’t solve yet. What triggers these feelings of love and how do we choose the person we fall in love with? All this differ from person to person. It is not known what triggers this true “avalanche” of chemical reactions.

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