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What Does the Color of Your Car Say About Your Temperament?

When buying a car, the color is an important choice. Some prefer black cars, while others love the red, white or the gray ones. presented an interesting material, which tries to make a correlation between the color of the car and the temperament of the owner.

The study, based on answers given by thousands of drivers, highlights an obvious thing. 93% of respondents say that when choosing the car, they have in mind the visual aspect, while 85% of them consider the color the most important criterion.

The infographics show, on the other hand, that those who choose the white color are the followers of a simple life, they pay attention to details and they are perfectionists.

Drivers who choose the black color are conservatives and those who prefer red are dynamic, while gray is associated with a calm and sober spirit.

What Does the Color of Your Car Say About Your Temperament

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