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Want To Lose Weight? Put Butter In Your Coffee

4 Mar 2015 by admin

Coffee with butter is the latest trend in nutrition and has a lot of fans in Silicon Valley or on Wall Street. Dave Aprey is the inventor of the ”bulletproof coffee”, which is a coffee combined with butter and palm or coconut oil that keeps you in shape the whole day and helps you avoid the dangerous hunger around 10-11 o’clock in the morning.

The principle of this miracle drink is quite simple: it keeps you awake, while fat provides you the necessary energy for the entire morning. In its original version, the bulletproof coffee contains coffee, butter, coconut or palm oil. These oils are quickly absorbed by the body. The butter neutralizes the appetite, providing the brain the necessary nutrients to function at full capacity.

Want To Lose Weight Put Butter In Your Coffee 2

The ideal thing to do is to use freshly ground organic coffee and natural butter, from animals fed on grass. David Asprey created a website where he sells the necessary ingredients and instruments for making the bulletproof coffee and he has more than 3 million fans.

There wasn’t scientifically proved the miraculous effect of the coffee with butter, but the nutritionists say that there is nothing wrong with it. The fat absorption favors the assimilation of nutrients and it slows digestion. Thus, the coffee slowly penetrates into the body, producing an energizing effect on the long term.

Want To Lose Weight Put Butter In Your Coffee 3

However, you should not forget the fact that butter contains saturated fat that could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

If you are used to consuming butter at breakfast, you could try the coffee with butter. Dan Asprey says that it tastes a lot better than any other café latte he ever had.

The inventor of this coffee presents in a video the ingredients and the instruments that you need in order to prepare this drink.

Here are the ingredients you need for a bulletproof coffee:

# 80 grams of bio butter, no added salt;

# 15 ml of coconut or palm oil;

# 500 ml or coffee already prepared;

# agave syrup or sugar.


In a blender add the butter, the coconut/palm oil and the coffee already prepared. Mix until it is formed a foam on top, as in the case of a café latte. Then, pour the drink into a cup and sweeten to taste with sugar or agave syrup.