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Volvo Shows Its New Brand Image in Frankfurt

Volvo foreshadows the new brand image through a concept they simply entitled: Volvo Coupe Concept. Announced as the successor of the “legendary” P1800, the prototype has the “face” of the new XC90, proposes a vanguardist ”multimedia” package and is driven by a 4 x 4 hybrid propulsion system of 404 hp.

Volvo Shows Its New Brand Image in Frankfurt 1

Volvo Concept Coupe is described as the first of a series of three concepts that will demonstrate the aesthetic potential of Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), the technical platform that underpins the future models. The new design has lines inspired by the legendary coupe P1800, the star of the years 1960 to 1970 and the car of the “Saint” played by Roger Moore.

Inside the “aggressive” bodywork dominated by 21-inch wheels, Volvo designers have created a futuristic interior, in which the floating central console was replaced with a touch-screen control panel. The seat belt with three attachments points, a 1959 Volvo invention highlighted by the etching “since 1959”.

Volvo Shows Its New Brand Image in Frankfurt 4

The propulsion of the concept is made with the help of a hybrid solution with a total power of 400 hp. In tune with the orientation of the eco industry, Volvo offers a combination of a two-liter gasoline turbo engine, from the new generation of the producer, and an electric motor, whose batteries can be powered from the outlet too.

Volvo plans will materialize starting with the next year, with the launch of the new XC90 SUV.

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