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Vizio Portable Smart Audio Android Wireless Speakers

Vizio introduced at CES 2014 a new gadget in the series of the smart portable audio consoles. Vizio Portable Smart Audio plays music and movies based on an Android 4.4 interface.The gadget allows you, beyond this, to run any application from Google Play, so you can surf the internet and see your emails, play a game, etc.

Vizio Portable Smart Audio Android Wireless Speakers 2

Vizio Portable Smart Audio is connected to the phone or tablet through wireless and Bluetooth, so you will be able to transfer on the portable gadget whatever you want, be it movies, music or other files.

Vizio has not yet announced the technical details of the console, so we don’t know, for the moment, the power of the speakers and the autonomy of the lithium-ion battery. Most likely, since it runs Android, it will play movies and music somewhere between 12-24 hours maximum.

Here’s the first promotional video.

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