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Virtuagym Fitness – Your Virtual Personal Trainer

11 Jun 2014 by admin

If you want to do some sport and to lose weight, it is not necessarily to go to the gym and pay a trainer or a nutritionist. You must be perseverant and to follow the advice on the tablet or phone. This is what the folks at Virtuagym say about their “merchandise”. Their application Virtuagym Fitness is one of the best virtual programs on the market. It requires those who use it more exercises that will help them move and burn calories.

Virtuagym Fitness – Your Virtual Personal Trainer 2

The application provides hundreds of fitness exercises grouped into several sections. You can thus select seven minutes for morning exercises or other for endurance up to an hour during the day. There are available dozens of exercises at night before you go to bed.

All appear as a video that shows you what to do and will count the remaining time.