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Video: World’s Largest Toy Car Collection

In the world of miniature enthusiasts, there is a question that can be asked to any collector: “How many cars do you have?” In Billy Karam’s case from Lebanon, the answer is simple: “many cars”.

Video World’s Largest Toy Car Collection

Billy Karam in Beirut, Lebanon, has the largest toy car collection in the world, according to Guinness Book of Records. As if it wasn’t enough, then man also holds a world record, namely the largest collection of dioramas in the world.

More exactly, Karam has more than 30,000 toy cars and about 400 dioramas. How is he explaining this passion taken to the extreme? Simple: “you can’t buy the big ones, so you buy a thousand of the small ones”.

The story of the most fanatic collector of toy cars in the world can be seen in the video below.



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