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Uwerk UR-1001 – The Watch Designed to Withstand 1000 Years

18 Mar 2014 by admin

The Swiss watch manufacturer Uwerk launched one of the most spectacular pocket watches in the world. Uwerk UR-1001 is a mechanical watch, with 51 diamonds, showing data up to 1000 years. The watch comes in a stainless steel casing, treated with titanium, 106 mm x 62 mm x 23 mm. The mechanism is protected by a sapphire display, which is truly extraordinary.

Uwerk UR-1001

Apart from the special indicator that shows time, seconds, the day/night interval, the watch has a 100-year calendar, which adapts including the differences between the months with 30–31 days.

According to the video, which you can see below, the watch must be adjusted once a year, in February.

The watch, first presented two years ago, has officially entered the sale. It costs $400,000 and if you are interested, you can buy it HERE.