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Unique Red Beach Of Panjin, China

The fine sand is probably the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to infinite beaches, but the beauty of nature is practically endless and there are even red beaches that were born due to a rich vegetation. One of these is the Panjin Red Beach in China, a unique place that was formed by 100% natural processes. This particular phenomenon is caused by the presence of seaweed, these beginning to develop on the land in the area starting with April-May, remaining green for the summer and then turning into a gorgeous shade of deep red once the autumn is installed.

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The unique beach is located in the largest area of reed in the world, Liaohe River Delta, this actually hosting an ecosystem where over 260 species of birds and over 400 species of wild animals live. Here can still be found endangered animals and if you’re lucky, when visiting the area, you can even see black-billed gulls, absolutely gorgeous birds. The area is intensively protected by the authorities, the main purpose being to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem as it is unique in the world. For this reason, the largest part of the Panjin area is closed to public visits, but there are small sections open to tourists from around the world.

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High wooden bridges are placed in the area open to public, for the crowd not to destroy the stunning natural setting. Thus, tourists move one by one on the wooden bridges, and their height is an opportunity for the visitors to capture memorable photos of the horizon. The best period to visit the area is during fall, because the plants called Chenopodiaceae turn deep red and give the beach a totally different dimension.

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Panjin is also the largest stationery manufacturing center in China, the cane here being converted into notebooks or paper sheets. Red Beach is 30 km away from the Panjin City and here, trips are organized frequently to the beautiful place. The tranquil waters of Liaohe River temper the deep red hue, while the thousands of birds harmonize and animate the entire region. Panjin area is the perfect place for nature lovers, a quiet place for a getaway.

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Red Beach is one of the greatest natural wonders of all time, a place that revives every year and impresses millions of tourists from around the world. The unique region is ideal for photo enthusiasts, many of them spending hours trying to capture the best aspect of the deep red painted beach.

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