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Unbelievable Facts about Antilia, the Most Expensive House in the World

The palatial tower Antilia located in Mumbai, India, and owned by Mukesh Ambani is the world’s priciest private estate. This ambitious project is estimated at 2 billion dollars, the land costing only 4 million dollars.

Unbelievable Facts about Antilia, the Most Expensive House in the World 7

This majestic building attracted much criticism on Ambani due to the fact that the tower was built in a city like Mumbai where most of the people live in slums. The grandiose construction is made of building blocks with a glassy exterior, hiding the elegance and the opulence of the indoor space. Here are some facts of the most expensive residence in the world:

Antilia is the new property of Mukesh Ambani, his wife Nita Ambani and their children, who are helped by 600 staff members to maintain the mansion.

Because some of the floors of the building have double or triple height, many get the impression that the tower has 40 storeys and not 27.

The concept behind the house is “the lotus and the sun”, everything from marble, rare woods, mother of pearl and other expensive materials, contributing to creating the motifs.

Six floors of the tower are dedicated to their fleet of 168 cars.

On the 7th floor is located their car service.

The building also includes a 50-seat theater, on top of the theater being located one of the many terrace gardens.

It includes 9 extremely fast elevators, some for guest, some for the family members and some for the staff.

Sometimes when the hot air of Mumbai in unbearable, they can escape into their own “snow world”, a special room where they can enjoy the winter indoors.

The private residence of the Ambani is perched right on top of the tower and it spans four floors.

There are three helipads and a special “air space floor” that controls the helicopters.

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