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Ultimate Shine – The Most Expensive Car Wash in the World

When you own a luxury car, be it Bugatti Veyron, Veneno or Aston Martin One-77, you want to benefit from exclusive services to maintain it.

The best for the billionaires’ cars is at the most expensive car wash in the worldUltimate Shine, located in Scotland. This location is not addressed to those who keep their cars in the garage, but to the collectors that keep them in the showroom with controlled temperature and want them to shine, literally.

Ultimate Shine – The Most Expensive Car Wash in the World 2

Paul Wilkins (34 years old), the owner of the Ultimate Shine, located in the Scottish city Kirkcaldy says that every year he plans the exclusive services for each three clients who can afford to pay approximately $153.000 for a car cleaning session. In return for this money, Wilkins is willing to travel to any country to the collectors residences who keep their jewelry on four wheels in special conditions.

At the Ultimate Shine Car Wash, the luxurious cars are washed with a special substance based on alcohol for removing the oil stains, complete decontamination, are very well polished and finished with a wax named Carnauba obtained from the leaves of some of the tallest trees in Brazil, which costs no less than $99.700. The polishing process can take up to a month.

With all these, Paul Wilkins creates different personalized mixes, sometimes flavored, to suit the requirements of each client. The owner of the most expensive car says Paul is a perfectionist and he does not return the cars until he cleans them perfectly.

At the Ultimate Shine can also come the less wealthy people, for a rapid washing and drying of the car, for just $60.

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