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Twisting Skyscraper in Shanghai by Aedas

A twisting 33-storey skyscraper in Shanghai, China was designed by the architecture firm Aedas, who eventually won a contest with the project.

The 155 meters rectangular building is called the Xuhui Binjian Media City 188S-G-1 Tower and will gradually twist from its central axis as it rises.

Twisting Skyscraper in Shanghai by Aedas 7

“It begins with an extruded rectangular plan,” Aedas architects said. “Going upward, the west wall is gradually warped to accommodate the subway setback that cuts off the corner of the otherwise square project site; and the north wall is warped to the east.”

The façade will include assemblies of three glass panels that will be angled in four distinct directions because it will have to reflect the light and imitate a media screen.

“Curtain wall details were then developed to accommodate small differences in glass sizes and the four different aluminum mullion angles to minimize costs and fabrication time,” said Aedas.

Twisting Skyscraper in Shanghai by Aedas 2

A platform set at the base of the tower will serve as a public green space covered by a large canopy that will protect it from the bad weather during the outdoor events.

“The Xuhui Binjian Media City 188S-G-1 Tower and Podium will occupy one block, with a view over the DreamWorks blocks. The developer will take up 20% of the tower space and lease out the rest (80%) to media industry tenants.” Aedas stated.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2015.

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