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Toyota Lexus Bike Priced at $10.000

Numerous successful automakers have tried their luck on other niches, relying on the experience in engineering, technology and design. They were followed by handset, watches manufacturers, and not only, unleashing in this way a genuine race of diversified portfolios.

Ferrari, Aston Martin and BMW are renowned for the unusual bicycles that they produce. According to the experts, this reorientation could be a tactic meant to improve the image of the automakers. Nevertheless, we like to think that we’re talking also about their try to achieve excellence in various domains.  This kind of try comes from Toyota Motor Corp, who recently unveiled a luxury bicycle under the Lexus brand.

The Japanese company used the same materials like the ones on Lexus FA, the most performing sports car of the brand. The famous company Shimano, which produces high quality bicycle parts, created the wheels and the gear shifts for the new product on two wheels from Toyota. According to the international press, the bicycle will be used in the sports competitions.

Toyota Lexus Bike Priced at $10.000 1

The bicycle will be sold under the Lexus brand and will cost no less than 1 million yens, the equivalent of $10.000 or €7.700. The outdoors racing on two wheels enthusiasts will have to get mobilized quickly to purchase the bike, because the Japanese plan is to produce only 100 units worldwide.

BMW sells luxury bicycles for $4.000, while Porsche AG sells them for a price between $4.500 and $8.100, and Mercedes-Benz established a price of $4.600 for those sold under their own brand.

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