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Toxic Algae Bloom on Lake Erie

General information about Lake Erie refers to various facts: it is the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes in North America and the eleventh largest lake in the world, by surface area; it provides drinking water to the neighboring population, being a source for many waterborne commerce, navigation and manufacturing; the outflow from the lake spins the giant turbines at Niagara Falls to provide hydroelectric power to Canada and the U.S.

Toxic Algae Bloom on Lake Erie 2

Sadly, the industrial development along the shores of the lake has been affecting the lake’s environment for decades, leading to overfishing, pollution and rapid algae blooms.

During the summer months, Lake Erie and the five Great Lakes are practically invaded by the green algae and all this is due to the phosphorus in the water that comes from the sewage treatment plants and fertilized used in farms that end up in Lake Erie.

Toxic Algae Bloom on Lake Erie 3

The process through which these algae pass start with rapid multiplication and end with their death, followed by their sinking to the bottom of the lake where they decay and absorb the oxygen in the water, creating in this way dead zones where most aquatic animals cannot survive.

Toxic Algae Bloom on Lake Erie 4

Toxic Algae Bloom on Lake Erie 6

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