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Tourist Destinations Where Women are Forbidden

In many parts of the world, women enjoy the same rights as men. Even so, still there are destinations where women are not allowed, sometimes their access being forbidden by the law.

Mount Athos, Greece

Tourist Destinations Where Women are Forbidden

According to a very old tradition, Mount Athos, or “Holy Mountain” remains a tourist destination or a pilgrimage site forbidden to women. Here even the number of female animals is strictly controlled! Women are not allowed on Mount Athos, based on an ancient theory, according to which the women endanger the spiritual evolution of monks who live in this holy place.

Saudi Arabia

Tourist Destinations Where Women are Forbidden 2

Want to go on vacation in Saudi Arabia? You might have some problems: the access in this country, in terms of tourism, is very difficult, especially for women. They must be accompanied by a male relative in order to enter the country. And even so, women don’t have too many chances to feel comfortable in Saudi Arabia; the country is renowned for oppressive and restrictive treatments applied to ladies.

Mount Omine, Japan

Tourist Destinations Where Women are Forbidden 3

Mount Omine was included in 2004 in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but this tourist destination is accessible only to men because a very old law prohibits the access of women here. As in the case of Mount Athos, on Mount Omine women are not welcomed here, in order to avoid distracting the monks.

Galaxi Water Park, Germany

Tourist Destinations Where Women are Forbidden 4

Forbidding the access of women in certain locations is present in countries such as Germany. But this time because of the dangers that can target them. It’s about the water slide X-treme FASER in the Galaxy water park, which caused the injury of many women in their private parts, which determined their banning.

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