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Tortuga – A Gas-powered Tricycle for Adrenaline Enthusiasts

The American company Tortuga Trikes launched on Kickstarter a really unusual tricycle with a 6.5 hp engine. Tortuga reaches the maximum speed of 48 km/h, enough to give you thrills, full of adrenaline. The pictures speak for themselves. The Tortuga profile is extremely dynamic, with a driving position worthy of a racing vehicle and with an unprecedented stability, thanks to the two huge rear wheels of 20 inches.

The 6.5 hp engine can reach a maximum speed of 48 km/h. With a full tank, the tricycle has a range of 65-80 miles or 20 hours, if you drive it in power saving mode.

Tortuga comes in 10 different colors and will cost $2250. The first tricycles are expected to hit the market in July.


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