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Top 5 Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Eaten

We have access to a great variety of fruits brought from all over the world, but there are some that never leave their country and you can taste them only by traveling to those areas, or some are sold at exorbitant prices in the supermarkets.

Here is a selection of the most interesting exotic fruits. If you’ve already tasted them, you are among the lucky ones.


It is originally from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. In Thailand the fruit is known as the ngoh. In Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, it is known as Chino mamón. It has a fleshy pulp and its taste resembles to the flavor of the grapes. It is often used in salads, Asian recipes and it goes well with grilled fish.

Top 5 Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Eaten 7

Originally from Africa, the “horned melon” or Kiwano has an orange peel with endings that resemble to roots on the surface of the fruit. The pulp is watery and green, full of small seeds and has a slightly sour taste.

Top 5 Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Eaten 2

In South Africa, Durian received the tile of “king of the fruits” because of its large size, thorny shell and the unusual smell that helps the animals to find it in the wild. The yellow pulp of the durian has a very strong flavor and the smell has been compared to that of the almonds. It is found in all fruit shops in Asia. It’s a big fruit that can weigh 3 kg. It has a unique aspect and a shell covered in spines. It emits a strong odor compared to rotten meat or dirty socks, but they say its taste is incredibly good. There are 30 recognized Durio species, at least nine of them producing edible fruit. Durio zibethinus is the only species available on the international market, other species being sold in their local regions.

Top 5 Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Eaten 3

Also known as the Dragon fruit, Pitayas are some fruits that delight they eye due to the combination of colors, white and sometimes bright fuchsia pulp. These cactus fruits have a pleasant texture, they taste good but they have no flavor. Granadillas are part of the same species with the more famous passion fruit. Under their yellow rind is a juicy pulp, which is very much like a viscous substance, with a lovely and complex flavor, a combination between sweet and sour. Granadillas are from South Africa and are extremely difficult to find elsewhere.

Top 5 Exotic Fruits You’ve Never Eaten 4

Maybe you’ve heard about mangosteen, but few have actually tried these fruits in their fresh form, due to the strict import laws and the extremely short and irregular ripening season. If they are available in some countries in Europe, they are extremely expensive. So, if you have the chance, you should try at least once fresh mangosteen. The white and juicy interior of this medium sized fruit is among the most nutritious and delicious wonders of the world, with a mild taste of peach, strawberry and vanilla.

mangosteen fruit

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