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Top 3 Natural Wonders Of South Africa

South Africa is not only the place associated with street violence, but it’s also a territory with amazing miracles that start to unveil their beauty: exotic animals, safari, leisure centers, fine beaches and natural parks turn this region into one of the most amazing and complex places on Earth. Here are three good reasons why incredible Africa has turned into one of the most appreciate and desirable places in the world.

#1.Kruger National Park – the heaven of the wildlife

It occupies almost 19,000 square kilometers, thus being one of the largest and most famous nature reserves of the world. If in the past the South African hunters and pickers procured their food from the national park territory, today, this place is more than that, being the place where nature and wild animals live in perfect harmony.

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The park is a nourishing and adequate place for species of plants, birds and rare animals that have grown here to be admired in their entire splendor. The reserve hosts no less than 6 ecosystems, where five giants of Africa live: the lion, the elephant, the rhino, the leopard and the African buffalo.

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#2.Sudwala Caves

The African territory hosts the oldest caves on Earth, these having an age exceeding 240 million years. Since ancient times, mankind has benefited from the protective role of the underground chambers. The stalactites and the stalagmites adorn the cave walls and create a stunning overview. The Crystal Chamber, which is composed of aragonite crystals, is the biggest attraction for tourists.

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#3.Blyde River, the unique green canyon of Earth

It’s the third largest canyon in the world, a genuine paradise that guarantees a dream tourist experience. It features 60 kilometers consisting of unique geological formations, waterfalls, caves and caverns. Here are organized expeditions that include cycling, climbing, fishing sessions, boating. All these activities provide a different perspective over the entire region.

The canyon hosts a fauna as rich as the vegetation. Here live unique animal species, many of them endangered.

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