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Top 25 Tourism Destinations of 2013

Top 25 Tourism Destinations of 2013 2

Paris and New York are the most popular travel destinations in 2013, according to the reviews of the millions of tourists from around the world that use TripAdvisor website. In the fifth edition of the “Top 25 destinations chosen by tourists” made by TripAdvisor, “the city of lights”, went up three positions in the ranking, while New York has retained the second position. The podium is completed by London, followed by Rome and Barcelona, so there are no surprises among the top ranked.

The ranking was based on the popularity of destinations, the tourists’ opinions, but also on the quotations offered by millions of registered travelers on TripAdvisor.

The capital of France won the first place from a total of 412 destinations from 38 countries, being the tourists’ favorite because of the history, the romance inspired by the cities and because of the architecture and the culinary delicacies. However, Paris has suffered in terms of reputation, after 23 Chinese tourists were robbed in March, this year, shortly after landing in the city, being deprived of passports, tickets and money.

Also, shortly after the Paris Saint-Germain football team won the championship, the authorities and the residents were expecting the celebration of the title in the center of the city, but instead, fans started a violent revolution near the Eiffel Tower..

Top 25 Tourism Destinations of 2013 9

The most “efficient” cities were Prague and Cape Town, which went up seven places, compared to the previous edition, while the Siem Reap in Cambodia dropped 14 places, and Marrakech dropped 13 places.

Among the new entrants in the top 25, there are Venice, Bangkok, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and St. Petersburg.

Here’s the complete ranking of the cities of the “Top 25 destination chosen by tourists”:

1. Paris, France

2. New York, USA
3. London, England
4. Rome, Italy
5. Barcelona, Spain
6. Venice, Italy
7. San Francisco, USA
8. Florence, Italy
9. Prague, Czech Republic
10. Sydney, Australia
11.  Berlin, Russia
12. Istanbul, Turkey
13. Bangkok, Thailand
14. Chicago, USA
15. Tokyo, Japan
16. Cape Town, South Africa
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
18. Buenos Aires, Argentina
19. Marrakech, Morocco
20. St. Petersburg, Russia
21. Beijing, China
22. Shanghai, China
23. Siem Reap, Cambodia
24. Chiang Mai, Thailand
25. Queenstown, New Zeeland


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