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Top 10 International Dishes to Try

Dishes from Thailand, Korea, China, etc, are of the strangest that are worth trying once in a lifetime for the sake of amusement and curiosity.

A type of exploration can be the culinary one. Regardless of country and customs, we find interesting things to arouse our curiosity and appetite. These include:

Ukrainian borsch

Top 10 International Dishes to Try

It’s a Ukrainian soup, which is also popular in other European and Central European areas. In most countries it is made of beetroot as the main ingredient, hence the color of the soup. They also use other vegetables and it is recommended for the cold season. One of the first vegetables of the Slavic diet consumed in the cold season was beets.

Kabsa, Saudi Arabia

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 2

Kabsa is specific to Saudi Arabia, but it is also cooked in other countries in the Middle East. Kabsa is fried rice mixed with cinnamon, pepper, cloves, ginger, bay leaves, saffron and cardamom. There is also chicken in the mix, beef, camel or lamb. You can add fish or shrimp and raisins, pine nuts or almonds.

Bobotie, South Africa

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 3

Bobotie is a South African dish consisting of a combination of fried rice and minced meat with eggs. It is added curry, raisings, onions, nuts, chutney and banana if preferred.

Nasi Lemak, Malaysia

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 4

Nasi Lemak means “greasy rice”. The name derives from the way of cooking rice, which is submerged in coconut cream. It is mixed until homogeneous, after which the rice is ready to be braised. It adds spices like ginger, occasionally lemon grass, banana leaves, cucumber slices, roasted peanuts, boiled egg and hot sauce. Serve with chicken, fish or vegetables.

Ceviche, Peru

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 5

Ceviche is an adored dish in Peru and better known all over the world. Ceviche is a potato salad with onions, olives, lettuce, peppers, marinated raw fish and lemon sauce, red oranges or vinegar. In Peru is used the sea bass meat. This salad is so tasty that the Peruvians have dedicated a national day to it.

Musaca, Greece

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 6

This dish is prepared both by Romanians and Greeks but has Greek origins. They make musaca with lamb or veal, eggplant, cinnamon and white wine.

Tom Yum, Thailand

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 7

Tom Yum is a spicy soup with chunks of chicken and mushrooms, coriander, lemon grass and Thai basil. It’s a scented soup, like most of their dishes, but it is also healthy. It can also be added coconut milk.

Bigos, Poland

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 8

Bigos is a traditional food in Poland. It is a mixture of meat and sausages, tomato juice, honey, mushrooms, all muffled in cabbage. It is served with potatoes and in rye bread. The Polish eat bigos on the second day of Christmas.

Adobo Pork, Philippines

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 9

The name represents the way of preparation of the pork because the meat is cut into cubes and then fried in the frying pan with garlic, salt, bay leaves and vinegar. It is fried until the sauce disappears. It can be served with rice, vegetables or beans.

Kimchi, Korea

Top 10 International Dishes to Try 10

Kimchi is the national dish of Korea. The classic Kimchi is made of multiple layers of Chinese cabbage that is taped down into a large clay pot with leeks, garlic, ginger, red pepper and salted fish and then is cored with marinade. Kimchi can be the main ingredient in many dishes like stews, soups, fried rice. Many Koreans eat kimchi for breakfast, lunch or dinner, being part of their diet.

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