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Titanic II Cruise Ship Will Sail in 2016

In 2012 have been spread several rumors, according to which the Australian billionaire Clive Palmer was trying to clone a dinosaur. Regardless of the outcome, it is quite clear that Palmer is trying to revive the past.

Titanic II Cruise Ship Will Sail in 2016 2

The 58-year old billionaire started a new big project: he wants to bring back to life the most famous cruise boat ever built.

At the end of February, he made public a series of pictures of Titanic II, a copy of the vessel that sank during its first trip on the sea in 1912. 1.502 people have lost their lives in this tragedy.

To offer us the chance of enjoying a cruise on the Titanic, Palmer created, last year, Blue Star Line Company. The ship is being projected by the Finnish company Deltamarin and will be built by the Chinese public company CSC Jinling Shipyard.

Handout of artist's rendering of the interior of the proposed cruise ship Titanic II in New York

Despite the fact that the new Titanic will be equipped with air conditioning, ultra-modern safety equipment and lifeboats for all the 2.435 passengers and 900 members of the crew, its interior design and exterior will be identical with the original. The passengers will be divided into three classes and they will not interfere.Titanic II Cruise Ship Will Sail in 2016 7

The construction of the ship should start in 2014 and Palmer hopes to launch it into the touristic circuit until 2016. The billionaire didn’t reveal the costs of the project, but he highlighted the fact the funds come from his own pocket and that he will spend as much as it will be necessary for the Titanic to be revived.

The new Titanic 2 will make its debut voyage from Southampton to New York in 2016.

Titanic 2 will feature enough space to accommodate up to 2,600 passengers in 850 cabins, and will have a crew of 900 members. The length of the ship will be three inches longer than the original one, which measured 883 feet.

The new cruise ship will also include amenities present in the sunken Titanic, like a gym, Turkish baths, a squash court and swimming pools.

It is possible that the most exclusive tickets to be priced at $1 million.


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