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Tips: How to Choose Your Perfume

If you’re not the type who buys a perfume after seeing a commercial on TV, probably you need to know a couple of tricks in order to choose your perfect one.

So, if you’re bored of the same old perfume and you want to change it, we tell you the details you have to take into account when choosing a new aroma.

Tips How to Choose Your Perfume 2

Start with familiar things!

See what the perfume that you’re using contains and identify the essences composing it. If, for example, you like the sandalwood odor, when you’ll choose your net fragrance you’ll know that it’s a must ingredient.

Learn how to smell a perfume!

Spray perfume on a Blotter and use it as a fan. In this way, the alcohol will be evaporated immediately and you will be able to sense the remaining aroma. Keep the blotter during the day and smell it from time to time. Take into account the fact that in the first 20 minutes everything you feel is the high notes of the scent, the next for hours are for the middle notes and the basic notes are on the following six to eight hours after you’ve sprayed the fragrance on the blotter. If you still love it after eight hours then that’s a good thing.

Try the perfume on your skin!

Keep in mind that the scent changes its odor in contact with your skin, during the day, and see if you’re comfortable with the aroma you’re wearing. The perfume has to give you a good feeling and not to permanently draw your attention.


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