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This is the Reason Why the Tower of Pisa is Crooked

9 Sep 2013 by admin

The Tower of Pisa (Torre pendent di Pisa) is one of Italy’s symbols, which earned its place in history because it is inclined. Although it was designed to sit straight up, like any other building, the tower began to lean during construction, which began in August 1173.

This is the Reason Why the Tower of Pisa is Crooked 2

55,86 meter high, with 4,09 meters thick walls and an estimated weight of 12.600 tons, the tower is the work of an architect whose name remained, until today, a mystery.  After a long while, it was thought that the tower was built inclined from the start, but now the scientists found the truth. Specifically, the foundation of the tower began to sink immediately after the construction began in 1173, because of the poor quality of the soil.

Of course, there is another theory, according to which, the obvious inclination of the building is due to Venetians, who were jealous because of the success of the city of Pisa and decided to sabotage the foundation, so that after completing several floors, the building started to bow. Peeved, people tried to compensate the inclination, by bending the upper floors, but they failed to do that and the tower is still crooked.

This is the Reason Why the Tower of Pisa is Crooked 3

No matter the reason why the emblematic building of the city of Pisa bent, one thing is for sure: in more than 800 years of existence, the tower, which has 294 steps, suffered many works of consolidation, resulting in outcomes more or less spectacular that will prolong the life of the tower for another 300 years.