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Things You Need to Know Before Going On A Cruise

A cruise is a unique experience, which gives you the chance of seeing remote and hard to reach places, in a way or another, but also the occasion of being close to the marine and underwater world, all these while benefiting from relaxation, recreation and entertainment. Those who have never been on a cruise should know that such vacations are totally different than what they imagine and there are certain things that need to be considered before going on the road, whether we’re talking about South America or Antarctica.

Things You Need to Know Before Going On A Cruise 1

You still have to take the plane

Maybe it seems obvious, but a lot of people don’t realize that they need to fly before reaching the ship, with which they will depart on a cruise. There are several points where you can embark, and that you will be able to determine when you book your vacation package. The airfares are included in the price, but you can still book them separately, if you think that you will find a better price or a more convenient flight schedule.

The luggage

Certainly, when you will embark on the ship, there will be other people doing the same thing in the same time, while the luggage will be taken to the pile. You’d better take a few essential things in your hand luggage, because it might take a few hours to take possession of personal belongings, which will be delivered to your room. Things like toiletries, change of clothes and other essentials, which you need for the day, must be taken with you.

Clothing Code

Cruises represent a luxury vacation and to reflect this thing, there are certain clothing codes, which must be respected in certain moments and situations. Dinner, for example, asks for elegant attire and there are also some restrictions in different areas of the ship related to clothes, such as the prohibition of walking in a swimsuit on board.

Freedom of movement

During a cruise you have many opportunities to explore the surrounding areas. The time you’ll spend in each port varies and generally a stop lasts no more than two days, so make sure that the ship doesn’t leave without you. The boat itself offers everything you could wish for, but the purpose of the journey is to visit and experience exotic lands.

Things You Need to Know Before Going On A Cruise 3

Room service

The food is always served on the ship in a multitude of lounges; those who want to have lunch in a more relaxing and quiet ambiance can call room service because is included in the price.

Solo travelers

Those who travel alone must know that they are provided a cabin, which they’ll have to share with other persons, unknown till the day of the trip, unless they want to pay extra money to have the entire space for themselves. That depends on the person and if he/she likes or not to share intimate space with a person he/she just met.

Advice and tips

On board is customary for the tip to be at least 10% of the bill, and if you do this with several staff members every day, you should know that it might cost you a lot. In any case, you must know that when you pay for everything that is not included in the travel package, such as the shopping you do, the tip is automatically added, so in the end you leave double tips, without realizing that.

Various activities

Many people are worried at the thought that will be immobilized for a couple of days on a vessel, which is not the case, not only because of the impressive size of the boat, but also because of the numerous activities organized on board, such as gymnastics, swimming in the pool and others.

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