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The Wreck of Columbus’ Santa Maria May Be Found After 500 Years

After 521 years, archaeologists believe that they found the wreck of the legendary ship Santa Maria, with which Christopher Columbus discovered the “New World”. The wreckage lies on the seabed, near the coast of Haiti.

The head of the expedition, Barry Clifford, told The Independent that the first data show clear evidence that the wreckage on the ocean floor is that of Santa Maria.

Wreck of Columbus’ Santa Maria

In 1492, Columbus left with three ships overseas, Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria. The first two returned to Spain, but Santa Maria disappeared without a trace.

In order to find the ghost ship, the researchers spent two years searching through Spanish and South American archives, trying to put together the official data and those recorded in the diary of Columbus.

The explorers are now trying to find the best technical solution to excavate the seabed in order not to damage the 500-year-old ship. Once removed from the ocean, the ship will be exposed in a museum in Haiti.


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