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The Vault – A Coffee Shop that Runs with Zero Employees

Most of people can’t even wake up if they don’t drink their favorite coffee first in the morning. There are a lot of coffee shops that serve their coffee impeccable and their employees welcome you with happy smiles. Well, The Vault is a different kind of coffee shop with a different kind of smile, one that comes from the heart.

The Vault – A Coffee Shop that Runs with Zero Employees

The Vault is located in Valley City, North Dakota and has free Wi-Fi but no employees. The reason why the owners didn’t hire anyone is that their coffee shop is based on self-serve.

Here, people make their own drinks, grab their own pastries and snacks and after that they pay according to a price list, leaving the money on the counter.

The owners, David Brekke and his wife Kimberly say that the café is very successful and people are extremely honest.

After all, people can be honest if they want to.

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