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The Spectacular Chanel Jacket- A Legend

The Spectacular Chanel Jacket- A Legend 1

Half of century ago, Coco Chanel was changing the face of women fashion by presenting a unique jacket. Made out of a special material, with lines inspired by the masculine jacket, the Chanel jacket became the symbol of modern women clothing. The French producer tells its story.

The Spectacular Chanel Jacket- A Legend 2

“The Chanel jacket is a masculine piece of clothing which became typical feminine and is the symbol of a nonchalantly elegance which does not have age and will live forever” says Karl Lagerfeld, the designer who since 1983 was preoccupied with permanent reinventing of one of the most important pieces from the Chanel collections.

Gabriel “Coco” Chanel had presented the new feminine silhouette during a transition period for fashion in general. After the flamboyant fashion of the 40’s, Coco sensed a calmer period, dedicated to simple but almost masculine lines.


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