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The Simply Luxurious Life: 12 Services For The World’s Wealthiest People

17 Nov 2014 by admin

According to Business Insider, a user of the social networking site Reddit asked a question to other users, wanting to know which are the most amazing services and products for the world’s wealthiest people, which many of us don’t even know they exist.

The answers this user received were amazing:

Fine arts coverage

User Geruvah said: “There is a fine art insurance”. “And I don’t mean life insurance, but rather “The area is flooded and a riot is about to be triggered. We will send a SWAT team by helicopter to get you out of the perimeter in a safer place.”

Night nannies

If the mother is at the stage when she’s breastfeeding, the night nanny must wake up the mother at regular intervals to feed the baby. Then, after the mother finishes breastfeeding, the nanny takes the baby and calms him to go back to sleep.

Full-service travel agent

This type of agents deal with flight and hotel reservations and also with the visas. They have the mission of managing your money when you travel to another country. Moreover, if there is a problem and you should call the airline or the hotel, the agent will do that for you.

12 Services For The World's Wealthiest People

A stylist for your Christmas tree

He has the mission of decorating the Christmas tree in exchange for $20,000 each year, and he will help you get rid of it on January 1st.

12 Services For The World's Wealthiest People 2

“Personal shoppers” to another level

They ensure that your wardrobe is organized and that you keep up with the latest trends. He remakes the measurements twice a year, for you not to have to run for measuring and cutting.

Dr. House style phones

This service consists in arranging a salon in your own villa with private nurses who will take care of you, will prevent infections and provide more dignity in the verge of death.

12 Services For The World's Wealthiest People 3

PRIMA Cinema Service

If you’re willing to pay $35,000, experts will bring the new released movies to your home.

12 Services For The World's Wealthiest People 4

Private booths at events

For example, if you go to the arena Madison Square Garden in New York, you’ll be able to have access to a private room as big as a lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the scene of the event itself. In addition, you receive an area with direct access to a lounge area, where you can see how athletes leave their lockers.

Heated walkways in front of the house

Chesterton Security System

Through a special device, like a tablet, almost everything in the house, from music to temperature and alarm system, can be controlled.

A family office

It acts as a multifunctional financial establishment that supports the financial needs of the family: accounting services, investment managers, personal lawyers, insurers and financial planners.

Domestic flights without security check

Extremely wealthy people can afford flying their private jet, and therefore they can walk or drive to the aircraft without any security check or baggage inspection.