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The Simple yet Miraculous Californian Diet

The Simple yet Miraculous Californian Diet 1

Inspired by the Cretan diet, the Californian diet also known as Sanona, was conceived by Connie Guttersen, dietician and nutrition consultant. The Californian diet is for the people who don’t like constraints. According to this type of diet, the calories must not be calculated. We’re talking about eating without making any effort.

The Californian diet is for those who want to lose weight efficiently, on long terms, being helped by a healthy diet. It’s more like a lifestyle than a diet. The advantage of this diet is that because of the cereals, the feeling of hunger disappears. Plus, there are no restrictions related to the amount of food consumed. These are divided in the following way in the plate: 1/3 proteins, 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 cereals, for example.

The Simple yet Miraculous Californian Diet 2

The Californian diet involves three steps:

1. eliminating the sugar, including fruits, for 10 days in order to lose the maximum number of kg; get your body used to healthy and qualitative nutrition more than a month;

2.  the fruits can be consumed again; you can also eat vegetables, cereals, meat and fish;

3.  the stabilization phase: unhealthy food (industrial products, processed or refined) must be cut from the list.

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