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The Secret Of The World’s Second-Smartest Man

Rick Rosner, the man who has an IQ of 192, compared to an average of 100 of ordinary people, is considered the world’s second-smartest man. He says his secret lies in consuming large amounts of nutritional supplements, and because of this reason he swallows 50 pills each day. These include fish oil pills that contain omega 3 fatty acids, baby aspirin good for longevity and Metformin to stimulate the metabolism.

Rick says that with this regimen based on pills, his brain works better, by slowing the cognitive decline.

The supplements he consumes are decided by him, and in addition to that, he goes to the gym every day.

Besides the pills we already mentioned, Rick also consumes other nutritional supplements:

# Avodart, which blocks DHT, a form of testosterone that causes prostate enlargement and hair loss;

# Glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy and mobile joints;

# Multivitamins (each pill contains 45 ingredients);

# Fibers, which compensate unbalanced diet;

He also says that he drinks coffee every day because it’s a drink with a proven effect on cognitive activity.

It must be mentioned the fact that there aren’t any studies to show the benefits of nutritional supplements, because many of them may contain more substances that those listed on the label, and some of them can be harmful. In any case, even though these supplements can be bought without prescription, they should still be recommended by a doctor.

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