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The Rarest Cars in the World

15 Aug 2013 by admin

It’s hard to find the criteria for defining the concept of a “rare car”. However, most experts accept the idea that all the rankings should include very expensive vintage racing cars, which have been produced in limited edition and have been modified according to the preferences of the owners. In the following list, we’re presenting you some of the most coveted rare cars in the world and their prices.

Dodge Coronet R/T Convertible, 1967 and 1970

The two cars are included in the list due to the fact that only two copies of each version have been built by Dodge. Thus, it is expected that a Dodge Coronet car to be sold at auction for $250,000.

Porsche 916, 1972

Only 11 copies have been built by the German engineers, and the price of such a bolide in perfect condition is $500,000. The car that stood out in the 70’s because of its aerodynamic shapes, was primarily addressed to the European market, only one copy arriving in the U.S.A

Aston Martin DB1, 1948

The British have produced only 15 units of this exclusive model, and the price of such a car can exceed $600,000 at auction. A copy was found in bad condition in an abandoned garage and was left on sale starting at $150,000, but the restoration of the bolide will cost the future owners more than $40,000.

Packard Panther, 1954

Only four copies of this model were produced globally. The appearance of this car was meant to strengthen the Packard position on the U.S luxury car market of the 50s. Experts estimate that the price in the auction is between $700.000 and $1 million.

ZL1 Camaro, 1969

Zl1 Camaro can cost even $1 million at auction. This car owns a very aggressive aspect and is extremely popular in drag racing.

Jaguar XKSS, 1957

The XKSS model was produced by Jaguar in only 16 units and the price of a red model fully restored reached $2 million at auction.

Oldsmobile F-88, 1954

The car conceived by General Motors was a truly revolutionary at that time due to its design. Plus, it housed a 250 horsepower V8 engine. Only four copies were built, and such car that survived the passage of time was sold at auction for $3.5 million.

Phantom Corsair, 1938

Few cars can rival the Phantom Corsair when it comes to elegance and exclusiveness. This car has changed the way people used to look at a car during the 30s, because it had a design reminiscent of the famous Batmobile. Phantom Corsairs benefited from an electronic door opening system, an altimeter and even a minibar. A single model was produced and if it would have been auctioned it would have easily jumped to $10 million.

Ferrari 250 Spyder, 1961

Ferrari 250GT Spyder from 1961 was driven by the famous actor James Coburn. This car was sold in 2008 for no less than $10.9 million, becoming the most expensive car ever. The 250GT Spyder Jaguar is much like from the James Bond movies and is believed to have one of the best designs in the world. Only 36 copies were built.

Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe, 1931

Only six units were built, thing that makes the Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe turn intoone of the rarest supercars in the world. It has a 12.7 liters engine and was sold at a Christie’s auction in 1987 for $9.7 million. Currently, experts estimate that the car is worth double the price in ’87 and can be sold at auction for $19 million.