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The Most Dangerous Chaise Lounge in the World

The designer Dallin Smith in Provo, Utah, had a “dangerous” idea. Passionate about hiking, he created a chaise lounge from ropes, which he attached to a rock in the Rock Canyon, hundreds of meters high, offering the possibility to those climbing the mountain to admire the scenery seated.

The Most Dangerous Chaise Lounge in the World 2

Initially, the designer aimed to build the chaise lounge in order to use it inside a house, as a piece of furniture, but after completing the project he realized that its place is not in a home. He then attached the chair with metal legs on a cliff, at a height of 110 meters, with the help of his girlfriend Chelsea, and left it there to be used by different people who arrived in the area.

The Most Dangerous Chaise Lounge in the World 1

As his project was not appreciated by other hikers, who said that if they will climb the mountain they will throw it in the nearest lake, Dallin Smith was forced to dismantle it from the rock and now he doesn’t know how to use it.

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