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The Largest Zoos in the World

Here are the largest zoos in the world:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The zoo, where there is also an aquarium, is a non-profit venue located in the northern city of Columbus in Ohio. Columbus Zoo is the place where live more than 5,000 animals representing more than 700 species divided on geographic regions of the world.  In 2004, here began the 10 years extension works of the zoo, which covers an area of 37 hectares. The extension to over 48 hectares also includes a polar living environment and an African savannah.

The Largest Zoos in the World

Moscow Zoo

Open to visitors since 1864, the Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest in Europe. Today, here live over 6,000 animals, representing 927 species, and the surface of the area is 21.5 hectares, which makes it the largest zoo in Russia.

The Largest Zoos in the World 2

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world, with over 4,000 animals belonging to over 800 species. The area of 40 hectares of this location is in the care of San Diego city. The sunny oceanic climate in Southern California is conducive for many animals and most cages and places in which they live, are outdoors. San Diego Zoo strives to conserve and protect species, many of them breeding here, and then being released from captivity in their natural habitat at the right time.

The Largest Zoos in the World 3

Toronto Zoo

Located in the city of Toronto and stretching over an area of 287 hectares, it is the largest zoo in Canada. Currently, here are living over 16,000 animals representing more than 491 species, the animals are divided on seven geographical regions: Indo-Malaysia, Africa, America, Tundra, Australia, Eurasia and Canada.

The Largest Zoos in the World 4

Bronx Zoo

Opened in 1899, the Bronx Zoo in New York is the largest metropolitan zoo in the United States, stretching over an area of 107 acres of parks and natural habitat. Here there are about 4,000 animals belonging to 650 species, many of them endangered. Some of the exhibits, such as “World of Birds” and “World of Reptiles” are arranged according to the time of occurrence of those species on Earth, and others such as “African Plains” and “Wild Asia” are arranged in geographical terms.

The Largest Zoos in the World 5

Beijing Zoo

Established in 1906 during the last Qing Dynasty, Beijing Zoo boasts one of the largest collections of animals in China.  Here are over 14,500 specimens of 450 species of land animals and over 500 marine animals. The zoo stretches over an area of 89 hectares and the garden is famous for its rare species of animals that live here, including giant pandas, which are the most popular attraction.

The Largest Zoos in the World 6

Berlin Zoo

Opened in 1844, Berlin Zoo (Zoologischer Garten Berlin) is the oldest and best known in Germany. It covers an area of 34 hectares and is located in Tiergarten. With over 1,500 different species and around 17,000 animals, the zoo boasts the largest collection of animals in the world. The giant panda Bao Bao is one of the most famous inhabitants here, along with the polar bear Knut that has died in March 2011.

The Largest Zoos in the World 7

Henry Doorly Zoo

The number one tourist attraction in Nebraska, Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is the place where there are over 17,000 animals belonging to 962 species. Its area is 53 hectares and although there are zoos that are larger in terms of area and number of species, none rises up to the level of Henry Doorly garden, if it is to combine these two criteria. Here are the largest feline complex in North America, the largest indoor swamp, the largest indoor desert and the largest geodesic dome in the world.

The Largest Zoos in the World 8

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