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The Largest Mural Painting in the World

The walls of a complex of buildings in Berlin, Germany, have been decorated with trees, flowers and animals, forming the largest mural painting in the world, measuring 20,000 square meters.

The Largest Mural Painting in the World 3

The drawings on the blocks in Berlin have been created by the French company CiteCreation and they decorate the buildings Wohngenossenschaft Soldaritaet Coop in the German capital. The design was inspired by a nearby zoo.

The Largest Mural Painting in the World 1

The French company CiteCreation consists of 80 artists, who have done many monumental frescoes in other cities, such as Paris, Lisbon, Jerusalem and Quebec Yokohama.

The company provides a new image to the ugly and with no personality buildings of the urban landscape.

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