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The Incredible Story of the World’s Most Expensive Ghost Town

Naypyidaw became the capital of Burma in 2005, being in that time more a project than a well defined city.

The authorities have decided to build the city with the intention of turning it into the state capital. The infrastructure investments were huge, though Burma is a country known mainly for military conflicts and drug trafficking and the majority of the population lives in poverty.


Although the project is 80-90% complete, the occupancy of the city is below 5%. Hence, the name “ghost capital”, as Naypyidaw has been called by the international press.

The highway leading to Naypyidaw has 11 traffic lanes, but most of the time is empty. The trust the authorities have in this project is incomprehensible, given the comparison between the price of the apartments and the fact that only the richest people in Burma afford basic accessories such as mobile phones.

The Incredible Story of the World’s Most Expensive Ghost Town 2

Naypyidaw was built due to the “safer” position compared to the old capital (Rangoon). However, there are rumors that the state military leaders were encouraged by the so-called enchanters to start the project.

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