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The Ghost – $15 M Super-Stealth Warship the Military Doesn’t Own

A private company, owned by millionaire Gregory Sancoff managed to create a ghost ship that has as main characteristic the fact that it cannot be detected by any radar.

The millionaire Gregory Sancoff dedicated ten years of his life and has spent over $5 million of his own money to create the ship called “Ghost Ship”.

The Ghost - $15 M Super-Stealth Warship the Military Doesn't Own

The vessel was built at the shipyard in Portsmouth by Juliet Marine private company, created by Gregory Sancoff in 2002, after the USS Cole ship was attacked while feeding fuel in a port in Yemen. Following the bombing, 17 sailors were killed, and another 39 were wounded.

It is called “The Ghost” because the vessel cannot be detected by any radar. The biggest challenge for US Navy today is how to get into an area where access is prohibited, without being detected. This thing is impossible right now.

However, Ghost can do that. Ghost care reach those areas and can stay there undetected for 30 days. “I cannot wait for the American Government to say they want this ship”, said Gregory Sancoff.

The ship has cost so far around $15 million, it can be transported by a C-17 and can be assembled in 24 hours.

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