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The Gastronomic Tour of the Planet in 180 Days by VeryFirstTo

An online luxury store from Great Britain created a unique culinary tour package, which includes all the three-Michelin- star restaurants in the world. The tour includes 12 countries, lasts for six months and implies stops in the best restaurants of the planet. The price is commensurate with the organizational effort.

The Gastronomic Tour of the Planet in 180 Days by VeryFirstTo 1

According to the counting made by a luxury British shop and a tourism agency, there are 109-Michelin-star restaurants in the world. The number is impressive and even if cities like Tokyo includes 15 different places, the gastronomic tour needs only 6 months to cover them all. The program of the event was thought in such way, so the participants will enjoy a gourmet meal at every two days.

The Gastronomic Tour of the Planet in 180 Days by VeryFirstTo 4

After 133 years, the Michelin Guide is still one of the most respected gastronomic rankings in the world. Extremely strict, the Michelin inspectors visit the places anonymously and make a full review that includes the quality of the food, the service and even the vessels they used. If a restaurant is not as it was expected to be, the inspector simply ignores it without giving it any qualifying. If the services are qualitative, he can give the restaurant up to three stars, the qualifying of an exceptional restaurant, such as Lung King Heen (Hong Kong), Per Se (New York) or Meurice (Paris).

The touristic offer created by VeryFirstTo, an online store that sells luxury services and Holidays Please, includes not only the meal in all the 109 places, but also the trip by plane, at the business class or the accommodation in five-star hotels in all of the 12 cities. The participants will spend time in Tokyo, a city considered to be the gourmet capital of the world, Paris, New York, Hong Kong or London.

According to The Telegraph, the package was initially sold for the price of £155.000 (€178.310) and is available now for the price of £182.000 (€209.665) for a couple. Each Michelin meal is estimated at almost €300 including the wines.

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