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The Gardens of Marqueyssac – One of the Most Beautiful Gardens in the World

6 Aug 2013 by admin

One of the most extraordinary gardens on Earth is located at Vezac, in the Dordogne Department of France and is named The Gardens of Marqueyssac, which coveresan area of 22 hectares. It is set on an amazing landscape on a cliff overlooking the Dordogne River and offers splendid views of the Dordogne valley between Beynac and La Roque-Gageac.

The amazing garden includes boxwood hedging with cypress and wild cyclamen.  Only four gardeners are taking care of the garden that dates from the nineteenth century and includes over 15,000 hand carven century-old box-trees. The miraculous place also includes belvederes, rocks, water, grass glades, dry-stone huts, roundabout, a Gothic chapel and a playground for children.

The Gardens of Marqueyssac were built in the 17th century by Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac, Counselor to Louis XIV and featured terraces, alleys, and also a kitchen garden surrounding the chateau. Later on, the garden was owned by Julien de Cervel, who planted thousands of boxwood trees and had them carved in amazing shapes in the 1860’s, next to the linden trees, cypress trees, stone pine and the cyclamen.

During the 20th century a large part of the garden was lost because no one took care of it. In 1996, KleberRossillon, the new owner, restored the garden and opened it to the public.