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The First Hello Kitty Spa in the World

18 Nov 2013 by admin

Everyone has heard about the cartoon character Hello Kitty, but perhaps few are those who know that there is a spa inspired by the famous kitty. The first Hello Kitty Spa in the world, designed by the Japanese architect and designer Miyuki Okamura, is located in Dubai.

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

The spa center is decorated in pink and has luxury amenities that take you into the magic world of queens and princesses. The pink tones are paired with shades of silver and cream, the furniture reminds of the old boudoirs, to all these being added expensive chandeliers, pillows and the wallpaper on the walls. Obviously all the rooms in the spa bear the imprint of Yuko Shimizu’s character, Kitty White.

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

The center offers its clients a variety of services, from makeup, hair treatments, nail spa, facials , to all sorts or body therapies that use special, organic substances, specially created for sensitive skin and meant to spoil all women.

Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

The therapies have all sorts of names like Kitty Glam for the facials, Kitty-Cure for manicure, Toe-Tally Perfect for the pedicure and the list goes on. Plus, you can come here only for relaxation and pampering. Within the spa center there is the Hello Kitty Cafe, a place where you can enjoy juices, desserts, various flavored teas and cakes.

The Hello Kitty Industry is in full process of expansion, from clothes, jewelry, nail varnish, to toys, TV shows, watches, phones and even spa center such as the Hello Kitty Spa.